A Quasi-Z-Source Direct Matrix Converter Feeding a Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive




This project proposes a novel four-quadrant vector controlled induction motor (IM) adjustable speed drive (ASD) system based on a recently proposed matrix converter topology called quasi-Z-source direct matrix converter (QZSDMC). The QZSDMC is formed by cascading the quasi-Z-source impedance network and the conventional direct matrix converter (DMC). The QZSDMC can provide buck-boost operation with voltage transfer ratio controlled by controlling the shoot-through duty ratio and bidirectional operation capability. The control strategy, which is based on the indirect field oriented control algorithm, is able to control the motor speed from zero to the rated value under full load condition during motoring and regenerating operation modes.








Matrix converters can be divided into two categories: the DMC and IMC. The DMC performs the voltage and current conversion in one stage (direct) power conversion while the IMC features a two-stage (indirect) power conversion. The DMC and IMC circuit topologies are equivalent in their basic functionality. The difference in the categories results from a difference in loading of the semiconductors and a different commutation scheme. The IMC has a simpler commutation due to its two-stage structure, however, this is achieved at the expense of more series connected power devices in the current path, which results in a higher semiconductor losses and typically a lower achievable efficiency compared with the DMC.



          In this paper, the application of the QZSDMC topology for four-quadrant IM-ASD system is proposed. The QZSDMC can produce the desired ac output voltage, even greater than the input line voltage due to its boost voltage capability. The four-quadrant speed control is implemented using the IFOC during motoring and regenerating operation modes.

The system’s configuration, equivalent circuit, analysis, and control are presented in detail. Simulation and dSPACE real time implementation results demonstrate the high performance of the proposed four- quadrants QZSDMC-IM-based ASD system.



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Omar Ellabban, Senior Member, IEEE, Haitham Abu-Rub, Senior Member, IEEE,

and Baoming Ge, Member, IEEE , “A Quasi-Z-Source Direct Matrix Converter Feeding a Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive”, IEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS, VOL. 03, NO. 2, JUNE 2015.