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Ieee Xpert provides customized training programs to corporate. The customized programs are been linked to suite corporate requirement. The course is designed in a manner which covers deep understanding of related area of study.

The main motive to introduce corporate trainings is to enhance the capacity and capabilities of individuals and the scope to understanding particular subject in a more substantial way. 

Our approach regarding these courses in Coprorates is to make individual or group understand the meaning of specified course and the benefit they will get and how this benefit could be useful for their future and for future of organization and for society.

Ieee Xpert has its R&D development team, which consistently working on new projects in related area providing best course content and Curriculum for corporate.


Our course can be categorized in the following manner:

-   Android Hacking & Forensics
-   Backtrack, Bugtraq Training
-   Computer Forensics Investigation
-   Credit Card and Debit Card Fraud Investigation
-   Cyber Crime & Cyber Laws
-   Cyber Crime Investigation
-   Cyber Forensic Investigation & Ethical Hacking
-   Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
-   Email Hacking & Security Workshop
-   Facebook Hacking & Investigation Scams
-   Gmail Hacking & Security
-   Information Gathering
-   Linux & Mac System Forensics & Data Recovery
-   Linux Hacking & Security
-   Mac Hacking & Security Issues
-   Malware Analysis & Case Investigation
-   Mobile Forensics Investigation
-   Network Forensics Investigation
-   Network Hacking & Security
-   Password Recovery Methods in Forensics
-   VA & PT Testing by Open Source
-   Virtualization and System Cloning
-   Windows Hacking & Security (Win 8 & Win 7)