Since coronavirus has shown up, inaccessibility of legitimate clinical resources is at its peak, like the shortage of specialists and healthcare workers, lack of proper equipment and medicines etc. The entire medical fraternity is in distress, which results in numerous individual’s demise. Due to unavailability, individuals started taking medication independently without appropriate consultation, making the health condition worse than usual. As of late, machine learning has been valuable in numerous applications, and there is an increase in innovative work for automation. This paper intends to present a drug recommender system that can drastically reduce specialists heap. In this research, we build a medicine recommendation system that uses patient reviews to predict the sentiment using various vectorization processes like Bow, TF-IDF, Word2Vec, and Manual Feature Analysis, which can help recommend the top drug for a given disease by different classification algorithms. The predicted sentiments were evaluated by precision, recall, f1score, accuracy, and AUC score. The results show that classifier LinearSVC using TF-IDF vectorization outperforms all other models with 93% accuracy.






Software Requirements:

•Anaconda IDE

• Language – Python 3.8

Hardware Requirements:

•Hard Disk: Greater than 500 GB

•RAM: Greater than 4 GB

•Processor: I3 and Above