The mini cylindrical   grinding attachment is attachable to a lathe so as to eliminate the need for an operator owning both a cylindrical grinding machine and a lathe. It is designed to be mounted to the side of the cylindrical grinding machine and to be used without disturbing a setup in the associated vise.


The attachment is also designed to be mounted to the front of a lathe tool post and allows the programming of the very point of grinding stone contact so as to follow whatever grinding or rounds are desired. This type of grinding is possible on a lathe with guaranteed accuracy, while on a cylindrical grinding machine it is quite feasible.











Perambalur  is a highly industrial city.  This is mainly due to entrepreneurship of local peoples.  As there is no public sector undertaking.  The small-scale industries though have lathe and other general-purpose machine tools; they find it difficult to get a good finished square and polygon shaping the components. For grinding s smooth and rough grinding we have grinding a cylindrical grinding machines.  But it is slow process, the cost is high and setting time is more.  A lot of time and manual work is involved in these methods.

So this project “MINI CYLINDRICAL GRINDING  ATTACHMENT IN LATHE” is very much useful, if it is provided with good quality form grinding of different shapes and sizes.      Hence a need exists for attachment which can produce circular grinding at minimum cost.  Thus an attempt is made to design and fabricate such an attachment.



It is a special work holding and Grinding  device, which is mounted on

cross slide of the lathe, the tool post of the lathe being removed.  The

work is held in a chuck or shaft , which is fitted with the one end of the

rotating shaft.  The other end of the rotating shaft has an grinding

arrangement for dividing the periphery of the work piece into a desired

number of equal parts and  grinding work piece through a certain angle

after every operation thus enabling the setting of job in a new angular

position in relation to the grinder.  The rotating shaft is mounted in a

fixed housing and supported by two bearings.





  • The accuracy of grinding


  • Comparatively less labour cost than other methods.


  • Less physical and mental fatigue.



  • Machining time is less.





  • Not so effective for very hard materials.


  • Feed should be given intermittently.


  • Overload should be avoided.


  • Chips remain in the










  • It is used to lathe work shops


  • It is used to special machine based Industries