A hydraulic fluid power system is defined as a means of power transmission   in which relatively incompressible fluid is used as the power transmitting media. The primary purpose of hydraulic system is the transfer of energy from one location to another location and this energy into useful work.

                   In this project fabricated model of 2 TON HYDRAULIC PIPE BENDING MACHINE USING THREE DIE  MOVEMENT SYSTEM will describe the working principles as well as hydraulic machines application and its advantages. Pipe bending  can be defined as a process in which the desired and shape are obtained through the deformation of metals plastically under the action of externally applied force. The type of drive depends upon the length of the stroke needed and loaded on the ram. In this project we have selected applied to the hydraulic force for the angle bending  machine.

The Hydraulic drive is used when a very heavy pressures is required on the ram this is used for pipe bending  operation .System pressure can be generated in the form of any physical action which result a compression over the Hydraulic system.





Here we are using hydraulic cylinder it is fixed to the base straightly. Hydraulic cylinder end connect or fixed die  it is movable. And then the other one fixed to the top round die . This cylinder working with fluid power. Bottom of the cylinder pressure relief valve for check the fluid pressure. When the fluid is passed to the valve, the speed of movement of piston (hydraulic) is controlled by adjusting the knob.This jack moves manually which use of  human hand.



  • Quite simple
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low cost



Leakage of fluid affects the working efficiency




  • Pipes
  • Steel rod
  • Twist rod