The main objective o this project is detect the gas leakage and to control the gas leakage through proper way.


Due to the increased cost of the fuel, most of them prefer in hiring the gas cars instead of petrol/diesel vehicles. Using gas in the cars is highly a risk issue, which will cause major accidents due to the leakage of LPG Gas. In order to overcome this problem LPG gas leakage is protected by using a protection system. We designed and developed such type of system, in order to prevent the number of accidents in gas cars; this project is not only for cars it can be used for homes too.

Brief methodology:

The economical condition makes the people to hire the gas cars. In our LPG gas leakage protection system, we will be having

  • LPG gas sensor,
  • Amplifiers,
  • Alarm,
  • Comparator and
  • A relay.

The LPG gas sensor is fixed near the gas cylinder. If there is any leakage in the gas, the sensor senses and sends the corresponding electrical output signal to amplifier circuit. The amplifier circuit results in further amplification of signals. The amplified signal is given to comparator which is operating the relay to control the exhaust fan.

This type of system is used to prevent the accidents occurred due to leakage of gas in gas cars as well as homes. It is a safer system to use to avoid any disasters.







Low cost to design the circuit

Easy to implement the circuit

Reduces the man power.



The project may be applied to the houses and in the automobiles and in the gas industries etc,


Block diagram: