There is an urgent need to solve the problems of secure storage, reliable sharing, access control and privacy protection in medical industry. In this paper, we propose EHRChain, a blockchain-based EHR system using attribute-based and homomorphic cryptosystem to solve the above problems. First, we design a medical record storage scheme to realize secure high capacity medical data storage and reliable sharing based on blockchain technology and IPFS. Second, we propose an improved cryptographic primitive called SHDPCPC-CP-ABE. Our SHDPCPC-CP-ABE realizes the functions of semi-policy hiding and dynamic permission changing based on partial ciphertext simultaneously. Furthermore, our program achieves the neutrality of the subject of judicial identification in medical disputes and fine-grained access control of medical data. Third, our system applies an additive homomorphic cryptosystem, Paillier cryptosystem with optimized parameters on patients privacy protection during the process of the medical insurance claim. After analysis and experiment, we have proved that the SHDPCPC-CP-ABE is indistinguishable under chosen plaintext attack and takes one third of the time of CP-ABE when changing access policy. Our system has higher performance than other EHR systems based on blockchain.
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Software Requirements:

•Anaconda IDE

• Language – Python 3.8

Hardware Requirements:

•Hard Disk: Greater than 500 GB

•RAM: Greater than 4 GB

•Processor: I3 and Above