There are so many vehicles that came to influence in the existing world.  Their operating systems are based on usual fossil fuel system. At the present sense the fossil fuel can exceed only for a certain period after that we have to go for a change to other methods.  Thus we have made an attempt to design and fabricate an ultimate system (AIR CAR ) which would produce cheaper & effective result than the existing system.  This will be very useful to the future needs of the world.


An attempt is made in the fabrication of a air powered System for a (CAR). This works on compressed air receiving the storage tank . The pneumatic cylinder  and the various parts are such as pneumatic hose , wheel assembly, car model ,air tank  and with easily available materials to serve and fulfill the purpose of the project.


The working of pneumatic cylinder  and wheel drive mechanism is explained below. The working principle of the system starts with the air tank connections. In air tanks  there are two terminals. The storage tank  is charged by using compresser . One is the port 01 and another one is theport 02.  The pneumatic tube connections were made for the flow of air from one part to another part.  When the pneumatic cylinder energise through the air , the pneumatic cylinder rotate  the shaft to rotate in the clockwise direction. At the end of the pneumatic cylinder shaft relevant conditions were made for the seating of wheel assembly.  which gives drive to the rear wheel.


  • No Fuel cost.
  • No pollution & No fuel residue
  • Easy starting
  • Less wear & tear because no reciprocating parts
  • Lubrication is not necessary
  • It will run both the condition (Manual pedaling, battery running).



  • Not for long travel




  1. Two wheeler Application
  2. Four wheeler Applications