In our project “AUTOMATIC DOUBLE AXIS WELDING MACHINE” is beings with an introduction to welding the various components automatically. Single -pneumatic cylinder and Solenoid valve  are provided.   cylinder is for the forward  and backward  movement,  it moves x and y axis is called double axis welding machine


The Double axis  welding machine makes use of properly shaped MS alloy electrodes in order to apply pneumatic pressure and carry electrical current through the workpieces. Heat is generated mainly at the merging point between two sheets. This causes the material being welded to melt gradually, thereby forming a molten bath, known as the weld mass. The molten bath is held through the pressure applied by the electrode tip and the encircling solid metal. In this type of welding process, no welding rod is used. If the compressed air goes to solenoid valve to pneumatic cylinder . welding holder connected to pneumatic cylinder which actuated by solenoid valve at the time automated welded for metal.


          *  Small in size.

            *  Cost is less compared to other welding machine.

            *  Due to the nature of portable it can be easily handled.

            *  Due to portable ability it is easily handled.


  • Not so effective for very hard materials.

  • Feed should be given intermittently.

  • Overload should be avoided.


There are many different uses of spot welding machines. Some of the areas where it finds application are:

  • Automobile industry
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Metal working
  • Shipbuilding
  • Fabrication
  • Casting