Ph.D Guidance In Chennai Ph.D Guidance In Chennai Ph.D Guidance In Chennai

Ph.D Guidance In Chennai

The Research Support Centre provides expert advice and support across the whole Engineering and Technical research lifecycle, from discovery through exploitation of technical and translational research. The centre has two primary functions:

i) to facilitate the delivery of the Engineering Sciences research strategy and to build partnerships and 

ii) to bring together all the technical research management and support services for Students.

To achieve these goals the centre is made up of two inter-relating components. The Academic Research Support Centre consists of the Research Coordination Office, Platform Technologies team and a Translational Research Office. The Technical Research Support Centre is made up of the Joint Research Office.
The Research Support Centre encompasses a wide range of expertise and facilities. By coordinating these resources, we can provide researchers with a package of support that is integrated, high quality and streamlined – and clearly accountable.
Once a researcher has a proposal for high quality research that will benefit, they can access all the help and resources they need through one gateway. This includes support with the approval process and funding applications and help setting up technical trials.
PHD Projects
Our research interests cover low power processor architectures, low power circuit design techniques, analog and mixed signal circuit design, rapid prototyping of digital systems, reconfigurable processors, Digital arithmetic, advanced processor architectures, vlsi implementation of signal and image processing algorithms, testing verification, memory design, Embedded vlsi and asynchronous circuits.
Organization engaged with embedded commodity development and serving various business solutions such as
·         Embedded System Product Development,
·         Software services,
·         Android development,
·         Web development.
Description for “Ph.d guidance with project assitance”
We look forward to welcoming you to one of our “Research and Development Division” for all Ph.D., Research scholars.
We will arrange you the following details for completing your Ph.d Degree
§  Any University Admission- We provides a step-to-step guide to completing the application form, and will help make the process as straight forward as possible.
§  Guide Arrangement
§  Survey Paper Preparation
§  Problem Identification –Problem Identification of Existing System.
§  Implementation in all domains
·         Mobile Ad hoc Networks
·         Wireless Networks
·         Image Processing
·         Grid Computing
·         Distributed Computing
·         Natural Language Processing
·         Cloud Computing
·         Soft Computing
·         Data Mining
·         Wireless Senor Networks
Delivering effective support on your Ph. D work:
Companies represents a simple and practical advice on the problems of getting started, getting organized with the working on Ph.D projects.
We make you understand the practicalities of surviving the ordeal. We just make you divide the huge task into less challenging pieces. The training includes a suggested structure and a guide to what should go in each section.
We afford complete support with real-time exposure in your Ph.D works in the field of VLSI. Our Mission drives us in the way of delivering applications as well as products with complete integrity, innovative & interesting ideas with 100% accuracy.
·         Assistance in ALL Stages of your PhD Research in VLSI from Topic Selection to Thesis Submission.
·         Creating 100% confident in submitting your thesis work.
·         Our experienced professionals support you in your research works.
·         Providing complete solutions for the Research Scholars in many advanced domains.
Ph.D Guidance In Chennai
Technologies used in VLSI:
              I. Modelsim 6.5b Simulator
             II. Xilinx ISE 10.1 System generator
            III. Quartus 11.1
           IV. Tanner v7 EDA tool
                              i.        S-Edit
                             ii.        T-spice
                            iii.        W-Edit
            V. Microwind & DSCH v2
           VI. H-spice
          VII. P-spice
         VIII. LT-spice
           IX. FPGA
               .        Spartan IIIe
                              i.        Altera DE2
            X. Hardware Description Language
                               .        Verilog HDL
                              i.        VHDL
I.                Digital signal processing Vlsi
             II.        Image processing Vlsi
            III.        Wireless Vlsi
           IV.        Communication Vlsi
            V.        Testing Vlsi
           VI.        Digital cmos Vlsi
          VII.        low power Vlsi
         VIII.        Core Vlsi
           IX.        Memory Designs
              I. Confirmation Letter
             II. Attendance Certificate
            III. Completion Certificate
Preprocessing Work:
              I. Synopsis
             II. Paper Selection
Identifying the problem:
I.                Abstract
              I.        Modules
             II.        Screenshots
            III.        Simulation Report
           IV.        Synthesize Report
Report Materials:
              I.        Block Diagrams
             II.        Review Details
            III.        Relevant Materials
           IV.        Presentation
            V.        Supporting Documents
           VI.        Software E-Books
          VII.        Software Development Standards & Procedure – E-Book
Learning Exposure:
         VIII.        Programming classes
           IX.        Practical training
            X.        Project Design & Implementation
Publishing Support:
           XI.        Workshop
          XII.        Conference Support
         XIII.        Journal Support
        XIV.        Guide Arrangements
Vlsi based projects like image processing projects, low power projects, matlab with vlsi projects, cryptography projects, OFDM projects, SDR projects, communication projects, zigbee projects, digital signal processing projects, and also protocol interfacing projects like uart ,i2c,spi projects.
Signal and Image processing projects can be simulated by using Modelsim 6.5b and synthesized by Xilinx 10.1 using Spartan IIIe fpga and by Quartus 11.1using altera de2 fpga. In image processing projects, the input image or video can be converted to coefficients using Matlab. Low power projects can be designed using Tanner, Microwind and spice tools.
We spotlights on imparting an overall exposure to the concept and design methodologies of all major aspects of vlsi engineering relevant to industry needs and ground-breaking thoughts with 100% pure accuracy.

Ph.D Guidance In Chennai

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