Virtual Reality is seen as the high-end of human-computer interactions and it has the potential to target a wide range of applications .During the flood, it is difficult to communicate with the people by the rescue team from the helicopter.It is not possible to interact with everyone directly.Because there won’t be any mode of communication during the disaster.

The VR system helps to communicate with the people. Redirected walking algorithms require the prediction of human motion in order to effectively steer users away from the boundaries of the physical space. While a virtual trajectory may be represented using straight lines connecting waypoints of interest, this simple model does not accurately represent typical user behavior. We implemented the model within a framework that can be used for redirect walking within different virtual and physical environments. It is useful for the evaluation of redirected of parameters under varying conditions. In the proposed system a projection is made from the helicopter to the ground.When a person stands on a specified location, that particular message is gathered.This helps to communicate with the affected people.




  • Virtual Reality Projector
  • Camera
  • PC or Laptop
  • Arduino
  • DC Motor
  • IoT Transmitter
  • IoT Receiver
  • LCD Display
  • Relay
  • Power Supply



  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus
  • Opencv