Virtual brain research is accelerating the development of inexpensive real-time Brain IoT Systems. Hardware improvements that increase the capability of Virtual brain analyze and Brain IoT wearable sensors have made possible several new software frameworks for developers to use and create applications combining Brain and IoT. It also enables multiple sensory pathways for communications with a larger sized data to users’ brains. The intersections of these two research paths are accelerating both fields and will drive the needs for an energy-aware infrastructure to support the wider local bandwidth demands in the IoT cloud.

In this project, we complete a survey on Brain activity Extraction in IoT from various perspectives, including Electroencephalogram (EEG) based IoT models, machine learning, and current active platforms. Based on our investigations, the main findings of this survey highlights three major development trends of virtual brain development system, which are EEG, IoT, and cloud computing.


Virtual Brain Software Section:



  1. EEG Sensor
  2. AVR Microcontroller – Atmega328
  3. TFT display
  4. IoT Board (NodeMcu)
  5. Power Supply Section



  1. Embedded C language
  2. Embedded IDE
  3. IoT php development