Globally Travelling/ Transportation charge is getting to an extreme high due to the demand of non-renewable resources like Petrol & Diesel, Electronic Toll Collection and Vehicle Parking Expenses all leads to make the travelling cost unaffordable.

The automobile industry propose new ideas like Electric Vehicle which will replace the usage of existing high cost non-renewable resources like Petrol & Diesel, in the same way Automobile Industry proposes a new idea to reduce the Expenses of Electronic Toll Collection Charges, Vehicle Parking Expenses, and expenses like Electric Vehicle Charging Station Bills, In this proposed system hereafter all the next generation vehicles should come up with a new technology called Crypto Currency Mining Farm(CCMF) which will do Standalone Mining in the vehicle end and earn Crypto Currencies, This Crypto Currencies will be used for  meeting all types of expenses for the Vehicle , it means Vehicle will earn Crypto Currencies and spend for all the listed expenses without disturbing the Vehicle owner.

CCMF is a plug-and-play device can be installed by any low-voltage customer to convert electrical energy to digital money. The CMF will be connected with internet, inside the vehicle and access the block chain and will start the mining process and will earn the Crypto Currency and moves the Crypto Currency to the Digital Wallets. This will be used for all expenses on the later stage.

The proposed concept contains two modules 1.CCMF in the vehicle 2.toll collection and electric charging. Tensilica’s 32bit processor is used for CMF and a Wi-Fi module is attached for the internet. Wi-Fi module with 2 relay is provided in the ETC side for toll gate access and EV charging. Once pay mode switch is pressed automatically the amount from the digital wallet from vehicle will transferred to the ETC as toll fee and something will be detected from the our digital wallet. The same process will be followed for all the expenses like Charging and parking.


HARDWARE Requirements:

  1. Crypto Currency Mining Farm (CCMF)
  2. OLED Display
  3. Wi-Fi controller
  4. Relay
  5. DC Motor for toll gate model

SOFTWARE Requirements:

  1. Embedded C
  2. IDE
  3. php