Scientist and Researchers found Covid-19 becomes an endemic for the near decade each time different mutations of Corona Virus makes different variants, Medicines and vaccinations done for previous variants and mutations does not show much effect on the newly identified Variants of Corona Virus. So as a precautionary measure for not getting effected to Covid-19 each time different booster shots of Covid-19 Vaccination should be Taken for avoiding isolation/quarantined and disease spreading to others.

International travellers or international working persons facing problems in Vaccination based entry security checking in Airports, Cinema Theatres, Malls and other public places where the crowd gatherings are there. There is no common platform to identify the persons who got different vaccine dose from different countries due to the Citizens personal data sharing restriction policy of different Governments.

Different countries will be following different standards so for an International traveller after taking the Complete Vaccination dose from different countries on reaching back to his home country he might be showing as Unvaccinated category in order to avoid this kind of problems a global solution need to be proposed as International Vaccination Chip which can be scanned anywhere globally and make the Vaccination based entry.

For Security checking of Vaccination based entry in the existing system corrupted people will show some body’s vaccination certificate and get entry into these crowd gathering places, these people sometimes may carry covid-19 Virus and may lead to a massive spread , so in our proposed system person who carries a Vaccination Chip stand in front of  the security person he will be having a unit which will shows the Photo Identity and the Vaccination details fetched from the International Vaccine Page of the person standing in front of the security check in.

This project comprises four different modules, 1. Digital Vaccination CHIP module for the public.2. Vaccination status checking unit for all the vaccination checking places like Restaurants and malls.3.Vaccination status update Server Page for the govt and private medical sectors 4.  Mobile scanner app.

Digital Vaccination chip contains IoT enabled controller with QR display unit to show the QR at the entry places of the vaccination checking. Vaccination Checking Unit contains wireless receiver to receive the code from scanner app and TFT display to display the Name, Age, photo, Vaccination status like partial, fully and booster etc. of the respective public. Vaccination status updater page is for update the vaccination details for every public who is taken the dose every time.


QR code Scanner Application



HARDWARE Requirements:

  1. QR Scanner
  2. TFT Display
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. OLED Display
  5. Microcontroller

SOFTWARE Requirements:

  1. Embedded C
  2. IDE
  3. php
  4. Android app